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About the company


  • CHIMTORG Group of Companies was founded in 2008. During the time of our activity, we managed to become one of the leading dealers of petrochemical enterprises on the territory of Ukraine and successfully sell polymeric materials.
  • Respect to the interests of our customers, flexible approach to pricing policy, constant availability of products, wide range of products, optimal pricing, and establishment of long-term partnership relations are the main criteria for us during the work with the consumers of polymer raw materials.
2009 Foundation year
+50 Workers
  • Availability of our own logistics department makes it possible to carry out direct deliveries from manufacturing plants and to organize delivery to our customers. We have 5 warehouse spaces at our disposal in different regions of Ukraine - Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, which is convenient enough for our customers.
  • Since 2009, we have founded a company for the production of recycled polyethylene and polypropylene granules. Our recycled polymers are produced on modern equipment using advanced processing technologies.
  • In 2014, we started the production of polyethylene film and a couple of years later we mastered the production of polyethylene bags and polypropylene bandage tape.
  • We can help you choose the raw materials you need based on the specifics of your production and further use of the products by the buyer's company. Our technologists will advise you on the possibility of using recycled polypropylene and recycled polyethylene in your production.
  • The basic principle for our enterprises is establishment of more significant partnership relations apart from such simple form as “the seller - the buyer”. For companies that cooperate with us, it becomes possible to use commodity credit, a flexible system of discounts, damping of adverse market price fluctuations, and prolonged mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Our corporate values allow us to work in one team and maintain our beliefs forever and ever. All our values are based on our knowledge and serve as the basis of our advancement.
  • Not a single, even the most successful initiatives and principles of work will be of high quality without the possibility of establishing and maintaining respectful and friendly human relations between working teams of different companies. Working with CHIMTORG Group of Companies you can be sure that you will find not only a reliable business partner, but also friendly, responsive people, witty interlocutors, able to discuss any issues in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • We will be happy to offer you quality products and excellent service.



- Customer orientation.

To ensure your development and competitiveness, because we appreciate that you choose just us.


- Sustainable development;

We strive for leadership, look far ahead and do not lose the opportunity to learn and develop.


- Partnership and trust;

We respect and trust you; together we are aimed at achieving high results.


- Reliability and safety;

We are free to take the initiative and act decisively in our and your interests; we are responsible for our actions.


  • 01 Signing a long-term contract with the possibility of its further extension that greatly simplifies the work with clients.
  • 02 The work on prepayment, flexible system of discounts as well as the provision of product credit for loyal customers.
  • 03 We have our own logistics department. Numerous connections and contacts with transport companies and carriers throughout Ukraine make it possible to find easily transport for the delivery of goods directly to your warehouse.
  • 04 Provision of polymer waste recycling services on a contract basis.
  • 05 For loyal customers and those who need large volumes for production, there is a possibility of goods pre-ordering. You will need only to select the product and its manufacturer and we will give you all necessary information regarding the prices and terms of delivery of this product.

Полімерна упаковка




Recycled polimer