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Polymeric materials and petrochemical products

Polypropylene strip

Polypropylene strip is used for fastening cargoes when transporting them. These include woodwork (plywood, cardboard, planks, logs, paper, furniture), various steelwork (pipes, parts and shapes), all sorts of materials (bricks, tiles, paving slabs) and even household appliances requiring careful handling. An especially valuable property of our strip that it has a high strength and does not widen when stretched. This allows using it for fastening palleted cargoes weighting less than five tons with the center of gravity fixed. A strapping strip has a hygienic certificate which makes it possible to use it to carry food products.

Apart from a polypropylene strip, we offer all kinds of accessories (binding clips and staples, strainers and combination units, L-bars and many other), as well as packaging equipment.