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Polymeric materials and petrochemical products

Polyethylene film

Polyethylene films:

- Shrink wrap film is widely used to pack food products, glass and plastic jars and bottles, fancy and household goods, constructional materials and other fast moving consumer goods.
- hothouse light-stabilized film with improved strength, received by a comprehensive use of light-stabilizing and antioxidant additives. Their injection prevents the quick deterioration of polyethylene affected by UV radiation and makes it possible to use the film during two, four and more seasons.

- Heat shrink sacks are intended for packaging palleted products and made of shrink film, and consequently have all properties of this film. Heat shirt sacks are widely used to wrap constructional materials. These sacks tend to be shrunk with the help of a hand-operated gas-burner or a hot air gun.

- Mulching film used to receive earlier and richer crops is becoming increasingly popular. This film has proved its worth as a means to get greater yield of heat-loving vegetables: pepper, tomatoes, corn, as well as when growing vine.

Film flexoprint is used for both our own materials and those of a customer. We provide the service of printing on a polyethylene film (from one to four colors) by means of flexoprint using state-of-the-art machines. Our equipment allows printing on films with a width not exceeding 1600 mm and a thickness of 25 µm and higher.