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Polymeric materials and petrochemical products


- Signingalong-termagreementwiththepossibilityofitsfurther prolongation which significantly facilitates customer relationship.
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- Providingthepossibilityofadvancepayment, flexiblediscountsystem, aswellassupplierscreditforestablished customers.

- We have our own Logistics Department. Numerous relationsand contacts withtransportationcompaniesandfreight forwarders throughout Ukraine make it possible for us to find the necessary transport to deliver the product directly to your warehouse.

- Providingservicesofpolymeric waste recycling on the give-and-take basis.

- Thereisapossibilityofpreorder for our established customers and those who need great amounts of products for manufacturing purposes. All you need istochooseaproductanditsmanufacturerandwewillprovideyouwith all information regarding the price and delivery time of this product.